Gliding Competitions at The Gliding Centre

Each year at The Gliding Centre, we hold a range of competitions including Regionals, Nationals as well as our own Task Week which caters for club level pilots.

Details of this years Nationals and Regionals can be found here.

Competition weeks are an exciting time at The Gliding Centre. Visitors are welcome to come to watch the launch window as we launch grids of up to 65 gliders in a one hour slot each day, using up to 9 tug aircraft, on cross country competition tasks of hundreds of kilometers.  

Also, watching the gliders stream back in to the airfield at high speed at the end of the tasks is one of the most impressive sights in sport aviation, and there is a real buzz around the club during the days and evenings with crews and pilots in good competitive spirit!

Interclub League

Dear All

Just a quick up-date on where we are with the Interclub League for 2018. As you probably all know, we are present cup holders with a strong desire to retain the cup in 2018. We have three events already pencilled in for the East Midlands League (including Cambridge and Dunstable) and the first will be at HUS on the second May Bank Holiday weekend – May 26/27/28.

Once again we have three classes and up to three pilots per day in each class. The aim is to get as many pilots at HUS flying over the weekend and, being our home club, we want to have each class full. When we travel to other clubs, the home club inevitably produce their full complement of pilots, often leaving us with a max one or two per class. So the aim is to win the HUS event.

Already I have had a few pilots chasing for information. Often the first question is what class can I compete in? Therefore below is the criteria for selection.


Novice                      Any pilot who, by 1st April of the League year, has not:

·       flown a 300k qualifying for Gold Distance,

or              ·   flown in Regionals rated(1) competitions for more than one season, or  

                  ·       finished in the top 50% overall in a Regionals rated competition

ie. One comp season not in the top 50% stays Novice until after a 2nd rated competition season, regardless of when and regardless of placing (provided no 300k flown, qualifying for Gold Distance).


Intermediate     Any pilot who, by 1st April of the League year, has not:

·       flown a 500k qualifying for Diamond Distance in the UK in the last 8 years

or   finished in the top 50% overall in a Nationals rated(2) competition in the last 8 years


‚Äč   Pundit               Anyone can be a pundit.


(1)             Regionals rated include Regionals, Inter-Services, Junior & Overseas Nationals


(2)             Nationals rated include Open,18m,15m,Std,Club (but not Juniors or Overseas)


If you are interested, want more information, etc – please contract Chris Luton ( or Jon Bevan  ( or just chat at the airfield.

There are many pilots at HUS that can give you the lowdown on the event, even some of the ex-Wittering pilots who previously entered the League for Four Counties.

Chris Luton


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