Five Day/Holiday Course                     Cost: £649.00


If you're looking to combine an exciting and interesting holiday with the opportunity to accelerate your journey to becoming a pilot, our five-day courses are just the ticket.


Whether you're starting from scratch or have some previous flying experience, the combination of low student to instructor ratio and continuity that a five day course allows put you in the best possible position to make rapid progress whilst having great fun.



Each day, weather permitting you can expect to fly up to four times typically experiencing both winch and aerotow launches.  



By the end of the week, again subject to weather, you're likely to be handling the controls through the significant majority of your flights. You will almost certainly have achieved good general maneuvering skills including through the launch phase.  You'll be well on your way to learning circuit planning and the approach and landing.  Faster learners may even have had an introduction to more advanced elements of the syllabus including soaring techniques.


We find that most of our five-day course students can’t wait to come back and finish off their training so they can progress to solo and beyond.


Your course fee includes:

  • All flying fees


  • All instruction


  • Log book / Training Record


Please note that the course fee does not include accommodation, lunches or evening meals.




We have a number of good value, simple and comfortable twin or single bedrooms available for booking. Linen is included, but please bring your own towels.  Let us know as soon as possible and we’ll reserve a room for you.

You can bring a caravan or pitch a tent. Electrical hookup is available.

Nearby there is a range of excellent B&B accommodation and self-catering cottages. Contact us and we’ll be happy to make recommendations.



Our restaurant The Flying Pan is usually open for breakfast, lunch and early evening meals during courses. Alternatively there are several excellent local pubs and eateries in the area.


What about the weather?



We all know and love our wonderful British weather!  In fact, we can fly in most conditions, but some weather conditions are unsuitable for gliding, typically related to very strong winds, low cloud-base, poor visibility or rain. If the weather prevents us from flying on a particular day then we will use the time to concentrate on the briefing / ground school elements and then make up the flying time on the remaining days.

If we cannot make up the time, or if the weather is poor for more than one day we will offer you a pro-rata refund, or the opportunity to join another course for the balance of days.  At the end of the day we want you to have value for money, whatever the weather and to progress with learning to fly.

Surrounding attractions

Non-flying family and friends are welcome to stay with you during the course.  For the non-flyer, there are many local attractions within easy reach:

Some of the attractions within half an hour’s drive of the airfield are:






Local shopping areas include:


  • Market Harborough


  • Lutterworth


  • Rugby


Or slightly further afield:




There are also excellent local websites that detail local attractions in the Market Harborough and Lutterworth areas


Booking your course


To buy your course on-line                                   



For any questions or to book by telephone please contact us

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