Gift Vouchers

Our trial flights make great gifts for friends and family who appreciate something a little out of the ordinary


We have three types of trial flight package available, dependent on your gift budget:


  • Winch launch package - 1 winch launch                                                        Total cost: £49.00
  • Aerotow package          - an aerotow launch, typically to 2,500 feet               Total cost: £89.00
  • Motorglider package    - a 30 minute flight in our motor glider                        Total cost: £95.00




Whichever package you choose, it's a gift that is certain to be appreciated and remembered for many years to come.


Details of the trial lesson are shown on our trial lesson page.


You are very welcome to come along on the day to take photos or video and our ground team will make sure that you are looked after and kept safe.  Alternatively, why not consider also treating yourself to a Trial Flight or One Day or Five Day Training Courses at the same time?


“We bought a voucher for my dad and brought him to The Gliding Centre
whilst on holiday nearby. He had wanted to fly in a glider
for more than 50 years! The office staff and the instructor made us feel really welcome,
and my dad absolutely loved the flight. Thank you so much!”
Jane - 2016


Arranging your trial flight


When you buy your gift voucher from us we'll send out a voucher by email, usually within one working day. This can either be sent directly to the recipient or to you if you prefer to maintain the element of surprise.



Once you have your voucher, you can then contact our office to book your flight at a time convenient to you. The voucher is valid for twelve months from purchase and is non-refundable or transferrable.

If you have specific dates in mind, we will do our best to meet these, however there may be occasions when we cannot, due to prior bookings or for other reasons.  In that case we will agree another suitable date with you. 

On the day of your flight, we ask you to phone in and check that flying is going ahead on the day.  Sometimes we are unable to fly, typically due to weather challenges, in which case we'll need to reschedule your flight.


** We also offer reduced rates for group bookings. To discuss, please contact our office. **


Can anyone take a trial flight?

Due to the design of gliders, there are certain limitations to which we adhere.


  • The absolute maximum passenger weight is 110kg (242lbs).  However this includes the weight of your clothes, and the parachute which weighs 7kg.  If we are uncertain about your weight, we will weigh you before the flight.  Please don’t be offended by this, it's important that we operate within the safety guidelines for weight and centre of gravity calculations. You're welcome to come to the airfield and try a glider for size.


  • If you're over 6ft 3inches, you're likely to be unable to fit into the glider.


  • If you have any health issues (for example heart conditions or epilepsy) that can result in your incapacitation, it’s important that you discuss this with us in advance and on the day.


  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


If you're uncertain about any of these points, please contact us and we’ll be happy to explain and answer any questions.







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