Information For Visiting Pilots

Visiting Pilots are welcome at The Gliding Centre subject to PPR

Pilots of light aircraft, micro-lights, motor gliders and small helicopters are most welcome to visit us at Husbands Bosworth. 


Radio - We operate as Hus Bos Ground on 127.575.  However the radio is not always manned during flying operations.  If in doubt, please make blind calls.


We are a very active site, so its important that you obtain PPR by phone in advance on 01858 880521.



Husbands Bosworth is a grass airfield 27/09 1400m long x 160m wide. Please review our operating procedures in advance


We are a very active site with many powered aircraft and gliders operating from the field including national and regional gliding competitions in the summer. Visiting aircraft must obtain briefings in advance, maintain good lookout in the area and may need to slot into airfield operations.


We look forward to seeing you!

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