Learn to Glide!

Learn to fly with us and progress into the world of gliding! A wonderful way to reach new heights and explore amongst the clouds.

Stand Up Comedy Night

Join us for a hilarious evening of stand-up comedy at the Gliding Centre in Husbands Bosworth. We're bringing you a stellar lineup of comedians ready to tickle your funny bone.ย 
Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 10th!

Summer Craft Fare

๐Ÿ“… Save the Date: Sunday, 11th August 2024
๐Ÿ•™ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Join us under the summer sky at The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth Airfield, for a day filled with creativity, craftsmanship, and community spirit! We're celebrating the best of handmade arts and crafts, and we want you to be a part of it.

Win An Experience Flight!

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Evening & Weekend Flying

We offer evening and weekend membership for those looking to learn after work, great for families to learn together.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

We love it when youngsters come to learn to fly - and you can do it as part of DofE

The UOCEAN Project

The "Heights of Possibility Experience" is an inspiring project that aims to uplift and empower 30 ethnically diverse and socio disadvantaged young people by taking them up into the sky.

Glider Experiences

Purchase a Voucher as the perfect gift for the person that loves some adventure in their life

Improve your skills with a course

Combine an exciting holiday with the opportunity to accelerate your journey to becoming a pilot

Learn to Glide

Come and join the hundreds of Glider pilots that we’ve trained over the years

what we do

We are a modern Gliding club based in Husbands Bosworth

Visitors Information

With a welcoming club house, long E/W grass runway and easy access to J1 of the A14, we’re perfectly placed in the middle of over 1.5M potential Glider pilots!

About our Club & its history

We have arguably the best facilities in the country for Gliding. A comprehensive Club fleet, superb club house, nearly unrestricted airspace and our own 6,000 foot runway!

Contact Us

Sally and the office would love to hear how they can help you or your loved one explore the skies above our wonderful county.

The Gliding Centre

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The Launchpoint

The Launchpoint provides a place to plan your next cross country or brief for your next training flight, right next to the flight line, whatever the days weather brings.

The Airfield

The airfield is perhaps the most important resource that we have and it is also owned by us.

Falke Motorglider

We offer our motorglider for training cross country landing circuits and Flight Experiences. Members can hire it by the hour.

The Training Gliders – 2 ASK21’s

The ASK 21 is perhaps the best training glider ever conceived and remains the choice for ab-initio Glider training all over the world. Safe and dependable these are the first gliders that you will learn to fly with your instructor.

Our 4 cable winch

The winch gives a fast and efficient way to get into the sky and with around 1600 feet on every launch it's a fabulous way to get airborne.

The Club DG 505 – Whiskey 4

The club is the proud owner of a DG-505 called Whiskey 4 and we use her for more advanced training, club expeditions and learning spinning.

3 Chipmunk Tugs

Our 3 upgraded and now very powerful Chipmunks make sure that we can satisfy even the most demanding days aerotow needs. This means so you don't have to wait around to get into the sky.

The Club Duo Discus – HB1

This has to be one the very best two seat gliders ever made - the Duo Discus. We use her for advanced pilot and cross country training. She's often hired out by members for soaring, competitions and club expeditions. Recently fully reconditioned she's in 'as new'...

Get Started

When you learn to Fly a Glider – learn with the best.

From our youngest Solo member of 14 to our oldest of 84 we have an active and friendly membership where you will learn one of the best sports in the country. First time pilots through to the current Open Class World Champion all choose to fly here.

364 days a year

We are open to members every day of the year apart from Christmas day. In the summer we have duty instructors every day of the week and in the winter we have 3 regular days. So you can come with us almost anytime you like.

Simply a Great Experience

I had a day here gliding which was a present from my partner. I had 4 flights, two winch and two towed take offs.
I had a few goes at taking control, not easy but had a great day and the flights seemed to get longer and better, even circling with other gliders, enjoying the peace and quiet and the views.
A great day out if you want to get away from the everyday madness!
Thanks to Bruce my instructor and theย  Gliding Centre, very friendly and comfortable atmosphere.


Trial Flights

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261 Members and climbing

The BEST way to fly

Learning at the Gliding Centre has been amazing! The gliders and instructors have been great – thoroughly recommended! I am now looking forward to learning how to go Cross Country!


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