Guidance For Visitors

At The Gliding Centre

You are welcome to visit us, we look forward to meeting you.

Please take time to read these instructions and if you are unsure about anything then please ask us.  You may find it helpful to print this page and the airfield map before you visit us.   Airfields can be daunting places for visitors, but you will be quite safe provided you follow certain guidelines:

  • When you arrive on the airfield please keep to the perimeter track and make your way to the office in the club house which is on the left just before the hangar complex. The airfield map shows you where to go.  If in doubt, ask any club member and they will be happy to help you


  • We have a 20mph speed limit on the perimeter track, except when passing the hangars where it is reduced to 5mph


  • Please don’t drive or walk past the hangars until you have checked in at the office where we’ll show you what to do and where to go.


  • On the airfield, please don’t walk or drive in front of any aircraft or glider landing or taking off.  It’s important to keep a good lookout at all times as aircraft, including gliders may land on any part of the airfield from any direction.


  • Please keep children and dogs under close supervision at all times.


  • Please don’t approach the propellers of powered aircraft even when the aircraft engine is not running.


  • Please don’t walk or drive on the grass or tarmac runways unless accompanied by a club member.  This will make sure that you remain safe at all times.


  • Many motor insurance policies don’t cover vehicles when on an airfield.  Please be very careful when driving, as we cannot accept responsibility for any accident or incident involving visitors’ motor vehicles.


  • Thank you for reading these notes, which are intended to keep you safe during your visit. We hope you enjoy your visit!