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Training With The Gliding Centre

As part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award you can learn to fly as part of your Skills Section. 

You can learn at any age and our BGA qualified instructors will teach you everything you need to know to be able to fly safely and confidently. If you are 14 yrs or older you can even fly on your own, called going ‘solo’, once you’ve learnt everything you need. 

With over 30 Junior members, there’s loads of people to get to know and have fun with. 

Did you know that HRH The Duke of Edinburgh was the Patron of the British Gliding Association for over 60 years?

Learning can fit very nicely into the 3 months Bronze and 6-12 months Silver Skills durations. 

Our airfield is 10 minutes from M1 J19 / 20 and we operate 7 days a week from April to September and all year on Wednesday & weekends.

Our members volunteer to help with the running of the airfield and this means we have a great atmosphere and your time on the ground won’t be dull. You will learn how to move, care for and even launch the gliders

Let’s GO

Not a run of the mill skill

Real Fun. Real Results.

BGA Instructors

All of our instructors have passed the rigorous BGA Instructor courses to be able to teach you to learn to fly. You’ll learn at your own pace with both pre and post flight briefings so you get the most out of your time in the air. 


Learning included

Almost everyone on the airfield is a volunteer, that includes the instructors – so you won’t have to pay for the instructors time whilst you are learning. 

Up, up and away

Once you’ve learned to safely and confidently fly gliders you’ll be able to ‘Go Solo’ (14yrs + and parents consent required!). After that you can fly on your own (but still supervised!) and train for more advanced Gliding qualifications.

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AT The Gliding Centre

You can also use us to gain your Volunteering Section in an interesting and dynamic environment where you can learn all about Gliders, Air Operations and how an airfield works. 

Our Gliders are maintained to the highest standards and as we own our own airfield we have plenty of unique opportunities to get involved.  

Did you know that it takes 4 people to launch a glider?

From handling Gliders, running the Launch Point, helping at our national and International level Gliding Competitions in the Summer, there is plenty to do!

For those of you that want to go the extra mile we also go out to events all over the local area to promote Gliding and help other youngsters engage with us and flying in general.

We usually need to speak with your coordinator to go through the details of this and for insurance reasons you need to be a Junior Member of the Gliding Centre. 

Let’s GO

volunteering at the highest level

Real Fun. Real Results.


Our Juniors


Our Junior Pilots have a dedicated group just for them


They often fly in the evenings, keeping weekends free


Previous Juniors have learned to fly our powered aircraft


There's always something to do around the airfield

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