Fireworks 2023 – TGC MEMBERS ONLY

As a member of the Gliding Centre we have reserved a quantity of spaces for you on the night.

You may bring your own car and up to FOUR other people in your family bubble.

If you are interested in coming then please fill in the form below and we will email you your voucher that will allow entry to the event. The vouchers will be emailed out 2 days before the event. This entry form will be closed before vouchers are sent out to ensure that ONLY members are in the members area. If you would like others (i.e. not in your car/bubble) to come to the event then they must use the normal public tickets which are available on our website.

All entries are vetted for a valid membership before vouchers are issued.

We are in need of assistance on the days leading up to and after the event and you are strongly encouraged to help out with this important event. Please indicate on the form if you would like to help.

It is now too late to request member spaces for the fireworks.


Time until the show!