Flight Experiences

Our flight experiences make great gifts for friends and family who appreciate something a little out of the ordinary.

We have three types of flight experience available:

Motor Glider

Just like a glider but with an engine


Your glider is gently pulled high into the air with one of our tug aircraft


0 to 1500 feet in seconds!

Glider Experiences

Use the energy in the atmosphere to soar

Motor Glider Experiences

Fly where you want to for up to an hour

All our gliders are tandem two seaters  with dual controls – normally you would have the front seat in a glider, whilst your fully qualified BGA instructor has the back seat.  However our motor glider is two seats but side by side, again with dual controls.

Winch – the glider is hooked up to a steel cable which is pulled by a powerful engine – the glider is pulled into the air by the cable travelling at 70mph and reaches 1500 ft in seconds – an adrenalin rush!  We regularly reach 1500 – 1700ft from our winch.  It’s fast and exhilarating, with the glider going up at 45 degrees!

Aerotow – a much gentler way of getting airbourne!  The glider is hooked onto a cable from a tug plane and is pulled into the air to a height of 2500ft when the instructor will release the cable and the glider flies away from the tug.

Motor Glider – has the long wings of a glider but has an engine at the front, so it self launches.  In some ways, it’s cheating but then again it’s the best of both worlds!  The engine can be throttled back and it will fly like a glider.  There are days when we can’t fly gliders because the weather conditions are not suitable but our motor glider can fly.   Because it flies under its own power, if you live within flying distance of the airfield, we can offer to fly you over your house (weather conditions and airspace limitations mean it may not be possible), alternatively you will find a list of suggested landmarks for each voucher below.

* Terms and Conditions apply to all types of experiences. There are certain physical limitations so please read the T&C’s below before purchasing.

Terms & Conditions:

All flights are at the discretion of the instructor on the day
All flights begin and end at the Husbands Bosworth airfield
All flights are subject to the weather on the day and the cloud base
Vouchers are valid for one year after purchase, cannot be refunded or transferred
Weather can affect the ability for flights to take place, if this happens we can rearrange the Flight Experience
Legal Airspace restrictions mean that there are limits on where we can fly
We cannot fly anyone who weighs more than 110kg (242 lbs) including the weight of clothing and the parachute which weighs 7kg (15lbs)
Persons over 6’ 3” will probably not fit into a glider