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Post-Solo Training (Club Check levels and Procedures)  


Solo Pilots Currency Period Notes

Pilots, subject to their currency, can fly solo at their check level, or one check level above at the Team Leaders discretion, or after satisfactory check flight on the day.


Currency periods are there to define a typical period of elapsed time between flights after which a check flight would normally be required. Team Leaders have the authority to make a decision on an individual basis.


‘Pre-Check 1’ pilots will normally require a daily checkflight at the discretion of the team leader

‘Check 1’ pilots have a currency period of 2 weeks

‘Check 2’ pilots have a currency period of 3 weeks

‘Check 3’ pilots have a currency period of 8 weeks

‘Check 4’ pilots have a currency period of 12 weeks

Pilot ‘Check Flight Assessment’ Notes

Check level minimum launch requirements are based upon winch launching, at Team Leader discretion aero-tows can be traded on a ratio 1:2

i.e 1 aero-tow = 2 winch launches


At least one check flight at each check stage must be carried out with a Team Leader. The balance of flights may be carried out with any Full Category Instructor.


Pilots are required to pass their ‘Flight Assessments’ on all launch types that they are solo on. Their logbook and training record should be marked up accordingly.

If a pilot is:

a) Solo on A/T only: 2 x A/T ‘Flight Assessments’ are required.

b) Solo on both A/T and Winch: 1 x A/T and a minimum of 2 x Winch ‘Flight Assessments’ are required.

c) Solo on Winch only: A minimum of 4 x Winch ‘Flight Assessments’ are required. Where not enough height can be gained to cover all of the required flight exercises safely then 2 x Winch launches can be substituted for 1 x A/T flight with the pilot not being assessed on the A/T performance.











AIMS:- Demonstrate a safe level of airmanship and flying skills to a Club Assistant or Full rated instructor during check flights.


REQUIREMENTS:- After completing a first solo flight, the pilot will usually require a daily check flight at the team leaders discretion.


Must receive a briefing from an instructor on all flying days.


Team Leaders have the authority to make a decision to vary requirements on an individual basis.