The intent of this Flying Order Book is to set out the accepted good practices that lead to safe operations, and communicate them to all interested parties, especially pilots and those involved in ground operations on the airfield.

These practices and procedures have been established over many years operation at Husbands Bosworth and also by the British Gliding Association which has collected good practices from many other clubs and sites.

In the main, the requirements and rules set out here are those that are specific to the operations of The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth.  In developing them, the intent has been to build on and complement the BGA Laws and Rules and the other guidance material published by the BGA.

The main references are listed below. Pilots and those involved in ground operations should be familiar with these, as well as the content of this Flying Order Book.


Main References  

BGA Documents

BGA Laws and Rules



BGA Safe winch launching

BGA Currency Barometer

BGA Managing Flying Risks

BGA Aerotowing Guidance Notes

CAA Documents

CAP 804 – CAA (Flight Crew Licencing)

CAP 393 - Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations


As all these documents will be revised from time to time, the latest version should always be consulted for definitive rules or guidance.  They are mostly available from the BGA website -