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· · All Instructors must be approved by the CFI before instructing takes place


· Minimum age to become an instructor, BI or IFP at HusBos is 18 years old.


· · All instructors are responsible for their own 3 and 5 year checks – you will not receive a reminder from the BGA. (For BI’s/IFPs you will need an annual standardisation flight with a nominated instructor.)


· · All instructors are responsible for their own currency.


· · All instructors are responsible for their own medicals. Copies of medicals to be filed with office.

·  All instructors must be within the weight limits placarded for any aircraft that they fly.


· · Instructors are responsible for briefing early solo pilots before they fly. (see section on “Young Pilots”)


· · When briefing early cross country attempts, instructors are responsible to ensure that the early pilot has a good understanding of airspace, NOTAMs of the day, is carrying a moving map and know how to use it. ( I recommend EVFR Basic which is free on android and Apple, Notams and airspace can be updated daily  and gives plenty of warning if either is close by. )


· · Instructors must ensure that pilots have seen the winch safety videos on the BGA website Safe winch launches part 1 video: and part 2 video. And the on-line quiz. Before first solo flights on winch.

· Only a full category instructor may send a pupil on a first solo.  Assistant Category instructors may be authorised to do so on a case-by-case basis by a higher ranking instructor where that pupil has been assessed previously. Early solo flights (and type conversions ) the pilot must be a minimum of 15kgs (33lbs) above the minimum cockpit weight) - only approved fixed weights may be used - NO LEAD CUSHIONS! A full briefing must be given. The pupil before first solo must have filled in the “Pre-Solo quiz” paper (from the office) and the instructor needs to check if they have the correct medical in place.


· Unqualified pilots An unqualified glider pilot is a pilot who does not hold the BGA Bronze and Cross-Country Endorsements or a LAPL(S) or SPL. Any glider pilot who has yet to demonstrate the knowledge, skill and judgement required of a qualified glider pilot will need a level of decisionmaking support by a more experienced pilot. An unqualified pilot cannot be reasonably expected to fly without an appropriate level of supervision. Flying by unqualified pilots must be supervised by a suitably experienced instructor.



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