a. Husbands Bosworth airfield is a grass strip running east-west (09/27) at an altitude of 505 feet. The BGA turning point code is HUS latitude 52 26.442N, longitude 0001 02.818W centred on the hangars. There is a short (1000 ft) parallel tarmac strip occasionally used by aircraft of all types.

b. Beyond the public road forming the southern boundary there are two light aircraft strips and a police helicopter pad. They are on/within our south circuit pattern.

c. The airfield is best located from Stanford reservoir (‘stengun lake’), the pointed end of which points to it. A line drawn through Sulby, Naseby and Hollowell reservoirs also crosses the airfield.

d. The site is cleared for winch launching to 3000ft AGL, avoid flying overhead the airfield. The site also operates aero tow launching and motor gliders.

e. The entire airfield is landable. Extreme care should be taken if you have to roll or taxi over the edges of the tarmac strip or the peritrack.

f. Power aircraft fly their circuit on the south side of the airfield. Gliders normally circuit to the north but will on occasion stray to the south side.

g. 127.580MHz is the frequency used for air/ground communication up to 3000ft AGL and 10Nm range. Tugs, winch, launch point and office will all be on this frequency. In addition the police helicopter (callsign ‘police 22’) listens out, and declares intentions on this channel. The ground station callsign is ‘Hus Bos Radio’.  When making general traffic calls use ‘Hus Bos Traffic’.  

h. Overhead is an airway base at FL 75. To the west beyond a line through Stanford reservoir and Gilmorton village (or Bruntingthorpe Airfield), the base of the airway reduces to Altitude 5500’. Further west beyond a line through the M1/M6 junction the base of the airway steps down again to Altitude 4500’. The Transition Altitude is 6000’.  See attached map.

i. There are ATZs at Northampton, Sywell airfield (frequency 122.705Mhz) to the south-east and Leicester airfield to the north (frequency 122.130Mhz).

j. Bruntingthorpe airfield to the north-west is used for motor vehicle testing. The runway is not available for landing.

k. To the west of the airfield is Coventry airport. When flying near to Coventry airport on their runway 23 extended centreline, all pilots are advised to contact Coventry Approach on 123.830Mhz.

l. For powered aircraft Husbands Bosworth is PPR. All visiting power pilots need to acquaint themselves with the current NOISE ABATEMENT patterns and conduct their flying accordingly.

m. The Gliding Centre Husbands Bosworth office telephone number is 01858  880521..


52 26.442N  001 02.818W

HusBos Radio 127.580