Acceptable Positions for the Launch Point


a. The forward launch point can be used if conditions dictate it would be more sensible due to an expected busy day (The rearward launch point can create a choke point for gliders towing out) The decision on which 27 launch point will be used, is left to the discretion of the Team Leader or instructor in charge based on their experience with safety paramount. Light wind days, soft ground or long grass can lead to low terrain clearance over the 09 threshold.

b. The ‘forward’ 27 Launch Point, which is just to the west of the crosstrack position will normally be used when busy, and when there is a reasonable westerly wind ensuring maximum available terrain clearance when passing over the 09 threshold. The team leader should consider suspending winch operations and pull the cables in while any grid is launched in these condition.

     In either case, the control trailer should be moved far enough to the south to allow gliders to be towed behind the control trailer without crossing the cables.  This means not allowing cars to be parked in line with the launchpoint and no parked gliders, buggies, tractors etc to be left to the east of the control trailer to allow enough space for a glider to be towed past it.

     Glider trailers may be parked along the edge of the peri-track (indicated by the purple line) and gliders not ready to launch (ie club gliders) can be parked tail up to the northern fence.  Cars can then be parked against the northern fence opposite any trailers.


c. Exceptionally, for aerotowing heavy gliders, the Duty Instructor will put the individual glider take-off start position further back, ensuring that there is a large separation from ground obstacles.

d. No launching with an aircraft on approach until the Launch Point Controller is sure that the aircraft will land behind the Launch Point.  This means NEVER when a motor glider is on approach (since it may ‘go around’ without warning.



Launch Point Controller

Peri Track operations

Gliders may ONLY be towed down the taxiway before and after flying operations.  All other times, they MUST tow along the cinder track.

Whilst towing out a glider, if a winch launch is seen to be about to take place (flashing lights at the control trailer and glider wings level) that car towing MUST STOP until the launch has taken place.


09 Launchpoint: The launchpoint needs to be moved far enough into the field to allow a safe undershoot to compensate for the ever-growing trees on the approach. This end has plenty of room for parked gliders.


Runway 33/15 running across the “boot” is a short runway which is sometimes used for landing when running out of height in the circuit.  Please DO NOT obstruct this with parked gliders, trailers or cars etc.


The positioning of the launch point is at the discretion of the team leader on any particular day.