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Authority, Supervision and Control

a. The Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) has overall responsibility for all matters concerning flying operations of The Gliding Centre and no flying shall take place at Husbands Bosworth without his authority. The CFI’s decision in flying matters is final.

b. The nominated Duty Instructor on each flying day is in charge of all flying operations and acts with the authority of the CFI, but the CFI remains responsible for all flying matters.

c. For glider launching and/or training to take place, there must be a nominated Duty Instructor in charge of flying operations, who must be a Full Rated instructor or an authorised Assistant Rated instructor.    

d. For an Assistant Rated instructor to be nominated as the Duty Instructor in charge of flying operations they must be authorised by the CFI or a DCFI.  

e Basic Instructors cannot be nominated as Duty Instructor in charge of flying operations.

f. IFP and trial lesson flights are to be conducted within the limits as set by the BGA weather minima guidelines.  All flights conducted with members of the public MUST be conducted in the most    risk-free conditions possible – which means keeping within EASY soaring range of the high key point. Under no circumstances should any aerobatic manoeuvre be conducted with a trial lesson / IFP flight by any instructor – regardless of their rating.  Cameras or camera phones are not to be carried by a passenger unless securely tethered by means of a lanyard. “Selfie” sticks are not permitted in any club aircraft.

g. For ab-initio gliding training courses, there must be a Full Rated instructor or an instructor approved by the CFI to be in charge of flying operations.

h Licensed motor glider pilots and powered aircraft pilots may self-authorise their own flying.  Motor glider pilots and powered aircraft pilots must, before flying, inform the office of their intentions and flights must be logged out - in the power movement log in the office - before departure, and logged back in again on return

I.   Any landouts MUST be reported to the office and/or launchpoint.  Failure to do so may well cause the emergency missing glider action to be put into effect. (On the members website, in the ‘Glider Booking’ section, at the top left of the screen is a button whereby landouts can also be reported.) In the event of any damage/injury, authorisation MUST be obtained before the glider is moved.

J.  Gliders returning from a cross country flight MUST make sure that their return has been noted on the daily logsheet.