All rules and regulations made by the operator concerning club Supermunk aircraft must be strictly followed for the safety of the operation, the efficiency of the operation and for the peace of the local community.


1 Tug Pilot Requirements


1) A Tug Pilot must have a minimum of:


-A valid EASA PPL with a valid SEP rating, or an NPPL with a valid SSEA rating, or a valid LAPL.

-A valid and current Medical.

-100 hours Total Time in SEP aircraft.

-Tailwheel aircraft flying experience.

-Current in gliding and hold a LAPL (S) or SPL or equivalent.

-Demonstrate a positive attitude and dedication towards the club and other club members.

-Demonstrate positive action and attitude towards looking after the club tug fleet.


2)  Anyone who meets the above criteria and who is current in gliders, may apply to the Chief Tug     Pilot to be added to the Tug Pilot waiting list. When a vacancy arises, an applicant from the list will be invited for an assessment flight to carried out at the applicants expense. The success or failure of any application process is entirely at the Chief Tug Pilots discretion. Selection of Tug Pilots on the waiting list will be influenced by the shortage of tug pilots at that time and the willingness the applicant has shown in helping around the club and helping with the upkeep of the club Tug fleet.


3) Currency period: Any  pilot who has not towed a glider within the preceding 12 weeks must complete a minimum of 3 solo  take off and landings, or alternatively, fly with a tug instructor for a minimum of one aerotow launch.


4)   Initial check out and instruction in towing techniques will only be carried out by the approved     Tug Pilot Instructors, thereafter every Tug Pilot must undertake an annual coaching flight. After successful completion of an annual coaching flight, the tug pilot expiry date will be re-validated or renewed to the following year.


5) Any Tug Pilot with an expired validity date will not be permitted to tow, until successful completion of a coaching flight. Expiry dates can be viewed on the Tug Pilot Towing webpage.


6) Coaching flights and re-currency check flights can be carried out by approved Tug Pilot Coaches.


7) The insurance of the club Supermunks is dependant on pilot currency, valid medicals, valid licences and each pilot is reminded to ensure these conditions are all met.


8) The Chief Tug Pilot can withdraw the privileges of being a tug pilot at any time. No reason needs to be given, but unsafe, inefficient, reckless flying or breaking of any of these rules will result in the pilot concerned being withdrawn from tugging.


9)  For reasons to suit the summer season, The Chief Tug Pilot (with the CFI’s approval) may use discretion to recommend the appointment of a full time summer season tug pilot that may not necessarily fulfil the above requirements.