Memories of the Coventry Gliding Club
aka the Gliding Centre, Hus Bos
This isn't intended to be a formal history of the club, but a collection of  personal memories as we head for our 70th year in 2023.... I welcome the memories of others, so please pass them to me, and we'll build a history of the club as seen by those who were there. I have lots of photographs of my own, and there will be plenty of room for others. But this will kick it off for a start. 

Keith Nurcombe

1953 - 1962
1963 - 1972
Last update Oct 2017
1973 - 1982
1983 - 1992
1993 - 2002
2003 - 2012
2013 - 2022
65 years of the Gliding Centre

Founded in 1953 at Coventry Municipal Airport, Baginton, in 1963 the club bought a section of the disused wartime airfield at Husbands Bosworth, where it eventually became known as the Gliding Centre.

In its heyday in the early years of this Century, the club came close to five hundred members, with ninety private gliders on the site.

There is much to celebrate: It's still a wonderful community of like-minded friends sharing the experiences of our great sport, despite the changes in gliding itself.

This year, celebrating the founding of the Coventry Gliding Club all those years ago, we were able to track down a surprising number of past members from around the world, many of whom joined us in celebrating the vision and effort of all those who've made the club what it is today.

Sally is compiling a central database of members past and present from an astonishing number of lists compiled by others. If YOU have a private list of past members, please pass it to Sally via