Welcome to the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup

Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup roundup

Enjoy our roundup of a fantastic week of glider racing at the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup 2019! The competition returns on the 25th July-2nd August 2020. https://www.facebook.com/TheGlidingCentre/videos/417388962212561/

Congratulations to the winners!

Well done to everyone who competed in this year's Challenge Cup, but particularly to Francesca Roberts (3rd), Peter Baker (2nd) and Richard Large (1st). Congratulations also to Mynd Gliding Clip for winning the inter-club competition!

Welcome to the Competitions page for the 2019 HusBos Challenge Cup

You will be able to see the overall status of all the gliders below here and you can find the current status here.

Competitor Status

DNS0 DNF0 Started0 Finished0
Inbound0 In NonComp0 Landback0 Landout0
All Flying0 Not Flying0 Total0

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