Hus Bos Cup 2019 Blog

The VIP party has arrived!

The VIP party has arrived!

The VIP party has arrived! Visitors are being introduced to the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup and to the Women's World Gliding Championships, which will be held at The Gliding Centre in 2021.

The task setter introduces Task 5

Liz Sparrow gives a brief overview of today's 300km Task A.

How competition tasks are set

In this video, the organising team show us how tasks at the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup are set each morning, and how the handicap system can affect the route flown by each glider.

No competition task today

Flying has been cancelled on day four of the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup, with showers due to pass through the area in the early afternoon and strong wind all day. There will instead be a trace analysis session in the briefing room, and the BGA's gliding simulator...

The Docherty family: 3 generations of glider pilots Tom, Adrian and Thomas Docherty are taking part in the Challenge Cup this week. Before today's task, they talked about how they all got into gliding.

Action on the start grid

With the gliders well on their way around today's course, we start a three-part series looking at the rules, technology and procedures behind the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup. In this video we see how 50 gliders can be towed into the air in the space of just an...

Task 3: less than one hour to launch

After a rainy start, the sun has broken through at Husbands Bosworth and the pilots are preparing for an 11:30 launch. Today's task will take them 300km into towards Banbury and Grantham.

Day 2 summary – rain stops play

Sadly, there was no flying today at the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup. First, a strong crosswind and low cloud kept the gliders on the ground, before heavy showers swept across the airfield later in the afternoon....

Task 2 cancelled due to weather

The second day of flying at the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup has been cancelled due to high winds and low cloud. No points will be awarded today. A competition skills session will instead be held in the briefing room.