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& why The Gliding Centre is a great choice

Finding the best club can be challenging

Finding a club that provides all the things that a pilot needs can be a daunting task, at the Gliding Centre we’ve worked hard to gather everything that you need to fly.

Our Solution

As a Flying Member you can take advantage of over 65 years of club history and arguably the best resources in the country. We can help you take to the skies in one of our high performance modern gliders. From May to October we also retain a BGA instructor on our staff, dedicated to running courses and helping you to become a better pilot.

Affordability Options

Want to fly with us but worried about the costs of membership? If you are struggling to meet the costs, we can help out. We have a special affordable membership policy for those on low or modest income unable to afford to pay more than £520 per annum. To discuss options (in confidence) and to look at our Affordable Gliding Policy application, please contact our club secretary at secretary@thegliding

Affordable gliding membership includes all the costs associated with taking part in the sport and enables you to fully participate in the activities of our club. It also covers glider hire, winch and aerotow launch, any flying and instructor fees (note that instructors are all volunteers), fuel fees, equipment hire such as parachutes, etc, which will enable you to fly as many occasions as a full member, as well as to convey voting rights in the club/company.

The Club is a sporting club and we provide facilities for and to promote participation in the amateur sport of gliding in Husbands Bosworth and the surrounding area. In fact we have many members that live quite a distance from our club and travel there to take advantage of our fantastic facilities and activities.
Our membership is open to all and we are even moving towards providing flying facilities for the disabled with specially adapted aircraft. Membership allows you (under suitable supervision) to:-

  • Prepare gliders and other aircraft for flight
  • Carrying out checks on aircraft to see they are airworthy
  • Towing aircraft to the launching points
  • Joining teams launching aircraft
  • Recording flights and speaking with our main office
  • Flying our aircraft
  • Putting away all aircraft and equipment at the end of the flying day
  • Joining social activities in our licensed bar and canteen
  • Helping with social events such as air displays, bonfire night, etc.

We suggest initially you come along to our club and have a trail flight. This offers you one month’s free membership. If you like it and want to participate, details of our fees and costs can be obtained from our main office.

Husbands Bosworth Gliding Club Limited (HBGCL) is a not-for profit organisation and intends to register as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)
* HBGCL operates policies consistent with the requirements of the CASC Regulations - Want to fly with us, but worried about the cost?
To discuss the options (in confidence) and to look at our “Affordable Gliding Policy” application, please contact the HBGCL Secretary by email at

The Club Duo Discus – HB1

This has to be one the very best two seat gliders ever made - the Duo Discus. We use her for advanced pilot and cross country training. She's often hired out by members for soaring, competitions and club expeditions. Recently fully reconditioned she's in 'as new'...

The Airfield

The airfield is perhaps the most important resource that we have and it is also owned by us.

3 Chipmunk Tugs

Our 3 upgraded and now very powerful Chipmunks make sure that we can satisfy even the most demanding days aerotow needs. This means so you don't have to wait around to get into the sky.

Our 4 cable winch

The winch gives a fast and efficient way to get into the sky and with around 1600 feet on every launch it's a fabulous way to get airborne.

The Club DG 505 – Whiskey 4

The club is the proud owner of a DG-505 called Whiskey 4 and we use her for more advanced training, club expeditions and learning spinning.

Falke Motorglider

We offer our motorglider for training cross country landing circuits and Flight Experiences. Members can hire it by the hour.

The Launchpoint

The Launchpoint provides a place to plan your next cross country or brief for your next training flight, right next to the flight line, whatever the days weather brings.

The Training Gliders – 2 ASK21’s

The ASK 21 is perhaps the best training glider ever conceived and remains the choice for ab-initio Glider training all over the world. Safe and dependable these are the first gliders that you will learn to fly with your instructor.
The Gliding Centre is a members club with over 260 flying and 60 associate members. We have an active and (more importantly!) enthusiastic membership that covers the whole spectrum of pilots, from pre-solo to past master.

Our annual subscription and flying charges are modest and there is no charge for instruction. We are able to keep our prices low because our members all play their part in the various activities of airfield operation.

To apply simply contact us and we will take you through the process. 

Once we receive your application, we will respond with confirmation of your membership as soon as it has been approved.

To help budget your flying we also offer Aiming for Solo packages which includes one year’s membership and all flying fees up to the point of solo. Or you might choose to pay as you go.  Either way, we’d be delighted to welcome you.  Simply complete the application form.

We participate in the BGA Junior Gliding initiative.  We also offer a limited number of junior scholarships at preferential rates to help youngsters begin their flying careers.  Please Contact Us for details.

 Associate membership is available for non-flyers who wish to use the club’s facilities.

The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth Airfield, Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, LE17 6JJ

April - October
Mo 9am - 4pm
Tu: 9am - 4pm
We: 9am - 4pm
Th: 9am - 4pm
Fr: 9am - 4pm
Sa: 9am - 4pm
Su: 9am - 4pm

November - March
Wed: 9am - 4pm
Sa: 9am - 4pm
Su: 9am - 4pm

Let your the dream of flying become a reality at The Gliding Centre.


Our modern high performance glider fleet, with both winch and aerotow facilities, and our team of highly experienced gliding instructors combine to allow you to progress safely and rapidly towards your goals.

Let us take you to the clouds! us how far you can go...