Learning to Glide

With us at The Gliding Centre

Let the dream of learning to fly become a reality at

The Gliding Centre.

Our modern high performance glider fleet, with both winch and aerotow facilities, and our team of highly experienced gliding instructors combine to allow you to progress safely and rapidly through the British Gliding Association training syllabus.

The Challenge

Finding a club that provides all the things that a budding pilot needs can be a daunting task, at The Gliding Centre we’ve worked hard over 65 years to gather together everything that you need to go solo and far beyond.

Our Solution

With over 50 years of club history and arguably the best resources in the country we can help you take to the skies in one of our high performance modern gliders. From May to October we have full time BGA instructors on our staff, dedicated to running courses and helping you to go Solo.


Flying as a Member 

Most people start Gliding after a trial flight or short course then become members, as a member all instruction is free and you can fly on club-days (Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday) throughout the year.

Membership fees – (including annual membership of the British Gliding Association.)
Membership year is from January 1st to December 31st and is charged on a monthly pro rata basis for new members joining throughout the year.

 Initial Joining Fee – (credited to flying account)£100.00
Full Flying Member (inc BGA capitation fee) – Membership year is from January 1st to December 31st and is charged on a monthly pro rata basis for new members joining.£595.00 / yr
Country membership *Must reside outside 100 mile radius of HB as the crow flies, air map is definitive, annual fee only£330.00 per year
Young adult Member  -aged 18-21 on Jan 1st or ‘Under 25 and also in Full Time Education’£253.00 per year
Junior Flying Member  -under 18 on Jan 1st£79.00 per year
Associate Member£79.00 per year
8 Week Membership


(***)  For Junior membership applications, please contact the office


Gliding Courses 

Our gliding courses are tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re brand new to gliding, an experienced pilot looking to develop advanced skills, or anywhere in between.

Our courses are structured to keep a low student-to-instructor ratio to ensure that each student makes the best progress possible during their course.  Typically, we operate with no more than two students per instructor throughout the course. This means you can expect to make good progress throughout the entire time you are here flying with us.

Choosing the right way to start or continue your gliding can be difficult – please call us to discuss what’s best for you. Our friendly team have helped hundreds of pilots get started and can recommend the most efficient and cost effective start for you!

1 Day Courses

You can start  learning to fly the gliders and experience a whole day on the airfield.

5 Day Courses

 A great way to kick start your Glider training and understanding of where and how we fly. 

2 Day Courses

For a more in depth start to your gliding we also offer 2 day courses.

Evening Courses

Learn Gliding in the evenings or after work. We fly until sunset on Wednesdays and Thursdays from May to September.

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