Club Cups & Awards

Every year the club presents members that have either acheived significant milestones or made great contributions to the club Trophies.

The Graham Smith Cup
Meritorious ServiceLewis BricknellFor his work on the tug replacement, Junior Liason & developing
the UoLGC link.
Challenge Shield (Pundits Shield)
Task Week winnerNot AwardedNo Task Week this year
Task Week Tankard (Sports Class Trophy)
Task week runner up (sports class).Not AwardedNo Task week this year
Boomerang Trophy
Longest closed circuit flightJoint Winners: Rory Ellis, David Booth511.9KM 25th April
HUS Hus Bos
PAP Papworth
STO Stone
DON Doncaster
SSW Stoke South West
HUS Hus Bos
The Bosworth Trophy
Longest Scoring Flight (Ladder)
Highest Scoring
David Booth3556 points for his 511.9KM flight @ 111.3kph
The Open Ladder Trophy, (Private Ladder Trophy)
Best position in National Open LadderDavid Booth16442 points, only 42 points above Rory Ellis
Club Ladder Trophy
Best position in National Weekend LadderLadder David Booth12967 points
The Founders Trophy
Ladies Cup Best ProgressPhoebe KershawFor completing her Bronze C & Cross Country Endorsement
The Coventry Telegraph Cup
Best progressSonny RisingCompleting Bronze C, Crosscountry Endorsement then
completing his Silver C
The Jimmick Trophy
Most Meritorious PerformancePatrick EatonFor his Diamond Height attempt on 11th October reaching
18,450ft amsl
The Kettering Trophy
First Silver C Leg in a Club GliderCallum Stead-Odomes11th June Silver Height
Sohrab Noshirwani did Silver Distance 21st May but in his
own glider.
Diamond Goal Trophy
1st claimed Diamond GoalNot AwardedNo one has done their first 300k Diamond Goal this year.
Best Regionals
Johnny RobertsJohnny Roberts, Basil Fairston & Paul Crabb all won their
classes at the Hus Bos Challenge Cup.
Johnny won the B class with more points than the others 3368
Best Nationals
Russell Cheetham2nd 18m Nationals
Clipston Mutual Venture Trophy
Best 2 seater performanceRichard Large3rd Hus Bos Challenge Cup
Group Cup
Best points total for a syndicateFrank Davis
Ken Payne
Z6 13,928 + 10,186 = 24,114
The Migration Cup
First 100kmRussell Cheetham26th February 124.7Km 110.9 kph
HUS Husbands Bosworth
GAY Gaydon
EYE Eyebrook
HUS Husbands Bosworth
The Presidents Cup
Longest Flight in a Club GliderRory Ellis
Sonny Rising
28th May 104.3km Club 100km task
“Winch launch” trophy
First 100km
OR first 300km
OR longest flight
from the winch
David Booth8th April 315.6km at 97kph
HUS Husbands Bosworth
ASY Ashley
CME Cheltenham East
HUS Husbands Bosworth
Autumn Trophy
Last declared 100kmRussell Cheetham23rd September 310 Km at 97.2kph Club 300
The Anderson Cup
Services for InstructingBrian MarshFor his dedication in running the Wednesday Team.
Always checking the weather ahead & changing to a more
suitable day if required.
The Tuging Piston
Services for tuggingRory Ellis40 years as a Tug pilot at Hus Bos. Also did 10,00th tow
earlier in the year
The Grotty Potty
Biggest faux pasN/A
Non MOP Tankard
Most points on the ladder for a non Turbo GliderOllie Wheeler8607 points

The Training Gliders – 2 ASK21’s

The ASK 21 is perhaps the best training glider ever conceived and remains the choice for ab-initio Glider training all over the world. Safe and dependable these are the first gliders that you will learn to fly with your instructor.

Falke Motorglider

We offer our motorglider for training cross country landing circuits and Flight Experiences. Members can hire it by the hour.

Our 4 cable winch

The winch gives a fast and efficient way to get into the sky and with around 1600 feet on every launch it's a fabulous way to get airborne.

3 Chipmunk Tugs

Our 3 upgraded and now very powerful Chipmunks make sure that we can satisfy even the most demanding days aerotow needs. This means so you don't have to wait around to get into the sky.

The Launchpoint

The Launchpoint provides a place to plan your next cross country or brief for your next training flight, right next to the flight line, whatever the days weather brings.

The Airfield

The airfield is perhaps the most important resource that we have and it is also owned by us.

The Club DG 505 – Whiskey 4

The club is the proud owner of a DG-505 called Whiskey 4 and we use her for more advanced training, club expeditions and learning spinning.

The Club Duo Discus – HB1

This has to be one the very best two seat gliders ever made - the Duo Discus. We use her for advanced pilot and cross country training. She's often hired out by members for soaring, competitions and club expeditions. Recently fully reconditioned she's in 'as new'...