Club Cups & Awards

Every year the club presents members that have either acheived significant milestones or made great contributions to the club Trophies.

The Graham Smith Cup - Colin Davey

For meritourious service to the club.

Challenge Shield - Not awarded in 2021

Awarded to the overall winner of our Task Week

Best Regionals - Russell Cheetham

Awarded for the best performance in the Regionals

Best Nationals - Peter Harvey

Awarded for the best performance in the Nationals

Founders Trophy - Lucy Pittam & Phoebe Kershaw

Awarded for the Ladies Best Cup Progress

Boomerang & Bosworth Trophy - Peter Harvey

Awarded to the pilot of the Longest Closed Ciruit Flight of the year

Open Ladder Trophy - Peter Harvey

Awarded to the club pilot with the highest position in the BGA Ladder

Club Ladder Trophy - David Booth

Awarded to the club pilot with the highest position in the BGA Weekend Ladder

The Coventry Telegraph Cup - Colwyn Darlow

Awarded to the Pilot who has demonstrated the best progress in the year

The Jimmick Trophy - Simon Anthony

Awarded to the Pilot showing the most meritorious performance during the year

The Kettering Trophy - Not awarded

Awarded to the Pilot completing the first Silver Badge of the year

The Diamond Goal Trophy - Colwyn Darlow

Awarded to the pilot completing the first Diamond leg of the Year

The Group Cup - Frank Davis & Ken Payne

Awarded to the pilots of the syndicate with highest position in the BGA Ladder

Clipston Mutual Venture Trophy - Rory Ellis & Pete Atkinson

Awarded to the pilots for the best 2 seater performance of the year

Presidents Cup - Rory Ellis

Awarded to the pilots of the longest flight in a club glider

The Migration Cup - Russell Cheetham

Awarded to the pilot with the first 100k of the season

Winch Launch Trophy - Ken Payne

Awarded to the pilots with the first 100k, 300k or the longest flight from the winch during the year (whichever is furthest)

The Autumn Trophy - David Booth

Awarded to the pilot of the last 100k of the year

The Anderson Cup - Roy Spreakley

Awarded for services to the Instruction of Glider Pilots during the year

The Tugging Piston - Tim Treadaway

Awarded for services to Tugging during the year

The Launchpoint

The Launchpoint provides a place to plan your next cross country or brief for your next training flight, right next to the flight line, whatever the days weather brings.

The Club Duo Discus – HB1

This has to be one the very best two seat gliders ever made - the Duo Discus. We use her for advanced pilot and cross country training. She's often hired out by members for soaring, competitions and club expeditions. Recently fully reconditioned she's in 'as new'...

3 Chipmunk Tugs

Our 3 upgraded and now very powerful Chipmunks make sure that we can satisfy even the most demanding days aerotow needs. This means so you don't have to wait around to get into the sky.

The Training Gliders – 2 ASK21’s

The ASK 21 is perhaps the best training glider ever conceived and remains the choice for ab-initio Glider training all over the world. Safe and dependable these are the first gliders that you will learn to fly with your instructor.

Our 4 cable winch

The winch gives a fast and efficient way to get into the sky and with around 1600 feet on every launch it's a fabulous way to get airborne.

Falke Motorglider

We offer our motorglider for training cross country landing circuits and Flight Experiences. Members can hire it by the hour.

The Club DG 505 – Whiskey 4

The club is the proud owner of a DG-505 called Whiskey 4 and we use her for more advanced training, club expeditions and learning spinning.

The Airfield

The airfield is perhaps the most important resource that we have and it is also owned by us.