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Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup roundup

Enjoy our roundup of a fantastic week of glider racing at the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup 2019! The competition returns on the 25th July-2nd August 2020.

Congratulations to the winners!

Well done to everyone who competed in this year's Challenge Cup, but particularly to Francesca Roberts (3rd), Peter Baker (2nd) and Richard Large (1st). Congratulations also to Mynd Gliding Clip for winning the inter-club competition!

Task 9 cancelled, prize giving to begin soon

The weather has sadly got the better of us today, as many predicted. Prize giving will take place in the briefing room at 12:30.

Task 9 summary and update

Liz Sparrow provides an update on today's minimum distance task.

Sit tight! We may be flying today…

There may yet be some flying on the final day of the Challenge Cup! An 84km task is being briefed - whether the weather allows for it to be flown remains to be seen.

Pilots’ advice to competition first-timers

Three pilots at the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup - one who has flown in over a hundred competitions, and one only competing for the second time - share their advice for competition first-timers.

The results as they stand

After the fourth task of the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup, Richard Large has extended his lead to give him a 300 point advantage over Peter Baker. We are still hoping for a final task tomorrow if the weather improves....

Day 5 at the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup

Richard Large won his third consecutive task today, with Peter Stafford Allen in second. Thank you for following these video updates over the past five days; we hope to keep some coverage going over...

UPDATE: Gliders will now fly Task B

Bad weather to the north has made Task A unflyable. The gliders will now fly Task B, which will take them towards Corby Glen and March. The first launch is as 12:00.

The VIP party has arrived!

The VIP party has arrived! Visitors are being introduced to the Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup and to the Women's World Gliding Championships, which will be held at The Gliding Centre in 2021.