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Due to the weather conditions today, we've scrubbed.

Briefing at 10:00

Briefing is at 10:00. Pilots have been asked not to grid at present.


Starting to get traces now for those that landed back. Some are still airborne. Watch as the scores update live.

On task

The start line for the 20m class opened at 13:32 and the 18m class at 14:48. All have now set off and are currently on the second leg.


The 20m class are now launching. The 18m class will be stream launched behind.


The cold front is now clearing Hus Bos - the rain has stopped and it's now sunny here. Tasks have been set.

Briefing at 10:00

Raining here at Hus Bos at the moment, but we're hoping the cold front will clear away and give us something to play with soon. Briefing is at 10:00, pilots have been asked to grid after briefing.


We've had some finishers now. Watch the 18m class scores update as the logger traces come in.

20m task scrubbed

An airborne scrub for the 20m class has just been announced on the radio.

20m launching

The 20m class will be stream launched after the 18m class.