One Day Course


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One Day Course

& how we can help your flying really get started


Let the dream of learning to fly become a reality at The Gliding Centre.

Our modern high performance glider fleet, with both winch and aerotow facilities, and our team of highly experienced gliding instructors combine to allow you to progress safely and rapidly through the British Gliding Association training syllabus.

We find that these intensive training sessions will help you to learn more and progress more quickly than would be possible on a normal club day.

The session consists of briefings and flying instruction covering areas such as airfield safety, effects of controls and primary gliding exercises.

A full day with an instructor to yourself!  This course gives a 12,000ft height allowance or 2 hours in the air. Bookable midweek during the summer season (April – September, excl. Bank Holidays).  The height allowance can be flown on winch (each winch launch takes 1,000ft from the allowance but we regularly get 1,600ft at the top of our winch) or aerotow. Why not choose a couple 3,000ft aerotow followed and then 6 winch launches.

At the end of the day you will understand how the glider flies, have experienced what it feels like to handle the controls, and know how to stay safe at all times on the airfield.

My son bought me a one day course at The Gliding Centre.  I did two winch launches and two aerotows and I absolutely loved it.  I’ll be joining as a member to carry on with training, as soon as I can!



More Detail:​

Our One Day course provides a good introduction to gliding, with an instructor to yourself for the morning (9am – 1pm) or afternoon (2 – 5) which will give you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a member of The Gliding Centre.  Bookable midweek only during our summer season (1 April – 30 September, excluding Bank Holidays).  This course gives a 6,000ft height allowance which can be taken as aerotow or winch launches (each winch launch takes 1,000ft from the allowance although we regularly reach 1,600ft at the top of our winch.  You can choose any combination within the allowance but if you’re thinking about taking up our sport, we can recommend an aerotow to 3,000ft followed by 3 winch launches – it will give you a very good idea of what gliding is about! 

Height Allowances:

Rather than be prescriptive about exactly which methods of launching you would like to try, we give you the choice. For each course you will have an allowance from which Winch Launches 'cost' 1,000ft and Aerotows 'cost' their actual height. So for instance 3 Winch launches and a 3,000ft Aerotow are worth 6,000ft in total. Some courses also include Motor Glider uses 3,000ft for 30 minutes. 


We have a number of good value, simple and comfortable twin or single bedrooms available for booking at very reasonable rates.

You can bring a caravan or pitch a tent. Electrical hookup is available. Nearby there is a range of excellent B&B accommodation and self-catering cottages. Contact us and we’ll be happy to make recommendations.


Our restaurant is usually open for breakfast and lunch during courses. Alternatively there are several excellent local pubs and eateries in the area.

Arranging your training:

When you buy a course from us we will email you a voucher and joining instructions, usually within one working day.

Once you have your voucher, you can then contact our office to book your course at a time convenient to you. The voucher is valid for one year after purchase, cannot be refunded or transfered.

If you have specific dates in mind, we will do our best to meet these, however there may be occasions when we cannot, due to prior bookings or for other reasons.  In that case we will agree another suitable date with you.

What about the weather?

We all know and love our wonderful British weather!  In fact, we can fly in most conditions, but some weather conditions are unsuitable for gliding, typically related to very strong winds, low cloud-base, poor visibility or rain.  We ask that you contact us either in the morning of your booked afternoon session or if you are booked to be with us at 9am for a morning session, you ring late afternoon the day before so that we can advise on the weather prospects.

Surrounding attractions:

Non-flying family and friends are welcome to stay with you during the course.  For the non-flyer, there are many local attractions within easy reach:

Some of the attractions within half an hour’s drive of the airfield are:

Local shopping areas include:

There are also excellent local websites that detail local attractions in the Market Harborough and Lutterworth areas

Let us take you to the clouds..

...then show us how far you can go!