We’re looking for Uni’s and Colleges!

We’re absolutely committed to getting young people flying and as part of that we would love to get a University Gliding Club set up to fly with us so they can benefit from our Club and it’s facilities!

So Much Opportunity

We’re looking to have 2 University Clubs 

We really want to get more students involved with us at Husbands Bosworth


We have gliders from basic trainers to high performance cross country machines


We have all the gear to get your safely into the air and to share the story afterwards. 


Share in our experience and learn to love flying as much as we do.


All our volunteer instructors are accredited by the British Gliding Association. 

What can you do?

Fly locally or plan to go much further afield – our longest flight is >1000km.

Easy Access

10 minutes from the M1 at the A14 J2 makes us easy to get to.

How does it work?

First off – come and visit us to see what we do, then you would usually setup up a society so that you get the full support from your University.

Once that’s set up you would use some of your subs to get Memberships – these are special ‘floating’ memberships that any member of your society can use. 

When you come to fly, you can fly as many people as you have subs. 

When you fly you would pay for the Glider to be launched and then an amount per minute of flight. 

When you’re on the ground, like all the other members, you can enjoy our facilities and help run the airfield. 

We have a well stocked bar, rooms, camping and BBQ facilities so you can really make yourself feel at home.

We’re aiming to setup Spring and Summer training camps to get your members Solo and then confidently soaring. We also want to get your members trained as instructors and in good time you could have your own gliders and be going on expeditions around the country and europe! 

Learn by Doing

We can train you if you’ve never even been in a light aircraft

Out instructors have many years of experience – just bring the enthusiasm!

They’ll take you from never having flown (called ab-initio) to solo and beyond.

Achieve your goals

It’s not just learning to fly…

Some people want to learn to fly and have fun, whilst others want to learn how to teach others and get the best from those around them. 

With Gliding at The Gliding Centre you could be casually flying in the morning, helping send one of your uni mates cross country in the afternoon and retiring to the members bar in the evening!


Free Tuition

As members all our tuition is given by BGA qualified instructors – who are also members!

Have Fun

Above all we should remember that we do this to have fun!