Glider Flight Experiences

We’ll tell you all about the glider and the airfield and then after a quick safety briefing we’ll get you into the sky! and you should be able the fly the glider.

Now that the Covid restrictions are easing we have restarted flying our Aerotow and Mile High experiences – you can book by simply contacting the office.


Terms & Conditions:

All flights are at the discretion of the instructor on the day
All flights begin and end at the Husbands Bosworth airfield
All flights are subject to the weather on the day and the cloud base
Vouchers are valid for one year after purchase, cannot be refunded or transferred
Weather can affect the ability for flights to take place, if this happens we can rearrange the Flight Experience
Legal Airspace restrictions mean that there are limits on where we can fly
We cannot fly anyone who weighs more than 110kg (242 lbs) including the weight of clothing and the parachute which weighs 7kg (15lbs)
Persons over 6’ 3” will probably not fit into a glider