After 2022’s very successful Womens’ World Gliding Championships held at The Gliding Centre, we are once again holding some major gliding competitions.

The very popular Husbands Bosworth Challenge Cup 2023 will take place from 12th August to 20th August 2023. And the weather is finally looking better.

The 18m National Championship AND the 20m Two-Seater National Championship are both important competitions for 2023. Pilots hoping to be selected to take part in the European and World championships regularly take part in these competitions. Both these events took place during 8th July to 16th July.

You can follow the National Championships on their dedicated blog, which is being updated regularly by the hard working scorer of both events. The blog entries usually show what each day’s tasks are and relevant updates to weather and launching. There is even a live tracking option available, showing the race routes and competitors’ locations as they race around.

Finally, club member Russell Cheetham is once again taking part in the 2023 European championships in August, in Poland.